Electricity, Magnetism and Circuits

List of Symbols and notations

A, B ... points in space, curves, surfaces and solids
A , B ... phasor
A, B ... a, b ... units
, ... , ... variables or vectors modules
, ... , ... vectors
, ... , ... unit vectors
dot product between vectors
vector product of vectors
Average value of the function
rms value of the periodic function
maximum value of the sine function
, ... derivatives of function with respect to
, ... derivatives of function with respect to time
or Laplace transform of function
area of a surface
A ampere (SI unit of current)
acceleration vector
magnetic field
electrical capacity
C coulomb (SI unit of charge)
speed of light
c centi prefix (10 -2 )
d deci prefix (10 -1 )
electric field
elementary charge
e Euler number (base of the natural logarithm)
dielectric strength
eV electron-volt (energy unit)
F farad (SI unit of capacity)
G gauss (magnetic field unit); Giga prefix (10 9 )
gravity field
g gram (SI unit of mass)
transfer function; frequency response function
H henry (SI unit of inductance)
Planck's constant
electric current
iimaginary number
unit vectors along the Cartesian axes , and
J joule (SI unit of work and energy)
dielectric constant
K kelvin (SI unit of temperature)
Coulomb's constant
k prefix kilo (10 3 )
magnetic constant
kgkilogram (SI unit of mass)
inductance; length
mutual inductance
M Mega prefix (10 6 )
m meter (SI unit of length)
N newton (SI unit of force)
Unit vector normal to a surface
n prefix nano (10 -9 )
P prefix pico (10 -12 )
, electric charge
electrical resistance; radius of a sphere.
, , cylindrical coordinates
, , unit vectors of cylindrical coordinates
position vector
, , spherical coordinates
, , unit vectors of spherical coordinates
position in the path; the frequency domain in the Laplace transform.
s second (SI unit of time)
period of a sine wave; temperature
T tesla (SI unit of magnetic field); prefix tera (10 12 )
, time constants
electric potential energy
gravitational potential energy
unit step function
V volt (SI unit of electric potential)
velocity vector
W watt (SI unit of power)
, , Cartesian coordinates
temperature Coefficient
increment of the variable
Dirac delta function
electromotive force (emf)
back emf
electric flux
magnetic flux
initial phase
linear charge density; wave-length
magnetic permeability
μ prefix micro (10 -6 )
relationship between the length of a circle to its diameter
charge density; resistivity
surface charge density
angular velocity
angular frequency
Ω ohm (SI unit of resistance)
° degree (angle unit)
W degree Celsius (temperature unit)