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You are expected to create a LaTeX document for a paper you could submit, in PDF format, to the SLATE'16 conference, following the guidelines stated in http://slate-conf.org/2016/submissions, namely, using the OASics template.

  1. Use the class oasics provided by the file (oasics.cls) in the directory oasics-authors obtained from the organizers.
  2. Change the author's name and Institution in the file article.tex given.
  3. Create a BibTeX file for the references (refs.bib) including an entry for the following book:
    N. Maciel, M. M. Gradim, M. J. Campante e J. E. Villate, Eu e a Física, Porto Editora, Porto, 2005.
  4. Insert a citation to that book by the end of the paragraph in the first subsection of the section titled "My exercises".
  5. In the next subsection, insert an equation for the "law of cosines" which states that in any triangle the square of one of the sides equals the sum of the squares of the other two, minus twice the product of those two other sides times the cosine of the angle between them.
  6. In the next subsection, insert a table with the same format and data as the one found in the figure table.png.
  7. In the next subsection, insert the figure given in arch.png with size equal to half the width of the text, in between the two paragraphs in that subsection, and make a reference to that figure at the end of the second paragraph.

Once you finish, you must submit here your paper in PDF format and the LaTeX and BibTeX files, using the button "Add submissions" at the end of this page.