Final paper

English version

You are expected to create a LaTeX document for a paper you could submit to a journal or for a part of your thesis. The paper should have at least six pages and include:

  1. An abstract.
  2. Several references, using a BibTeX file for them.
  3. At least one table.
  4. At least one figure
  5. At least one equation.

If your real document will not require any of the above, use some fake ones just to fulfill that requirement and later on you can remove them if you're going to use the document in your research work. The text of the paper does not have to make sense or even show real results, but use this opportunity to start writting a document in your field that could later become a real document used in your career.

Once you finish, you must submit here your paper in PDF format, the LaTeX, BibTeX and other files needed to produce the PDF file.