Department of Engineering Physics


John Goodenough and Helena Braga

John B. Goodenough wins the Chemistry Nobel Prize

por Jaime Villate – October 9, 2019.

John B. Goodenough, Professor at the U. of Texas has been awarded the Nobel Prize 2019 for Chemistry. Our Department's chairwoman, Helena Braga, currently collaborates with Professor Goodenough.

Symposium on Engineering Physics

Symposium on Engineering Physics

by Jaime Villate – June 28, 2019. Photography by Helena Braga

Symposium on Engineering Physics, June 27-28, 2019, at FEUP, within the 3rd Doctoral Congress in Engineering. Organized by Joana Espain.

Workshop on Assessing Learning

Workshop on Assessing Learning

by Jaime Villate – June 17, 2019.

Our special guest, Dr. Susan Zvacec, conducted a Workshop entitled: "Objective and Subjective Measures for Assessing Learning". The Workshop was organized by Diana Urbano.