[Maxima] plotting data that is in an array

Mario Rodriguez biomates
Thu Feb 24 23:31:50 WET 2011

El jue, 24-02-2011 a las 18:05 -0500, Doug Stewart escribi?:

> but when I try
>  plot2d(points(ar));
> I got:
> No range given. Must supply range of the form [variable,min,max]
>  -- an error.  Entering the Maxima debugger.


plot2d doesn't recognise graphic object 'points'. It's part of
package draw:


> So from my point of view the info in display(points)  must be wrong.

The syntax of plot2d and draw2d are different, you shouldn't mix them.

> I see that your example you used listarray but this was not in that
> help section that I saw.

There are two types of arrays, those created by 'array', and those
created by 'make_array' (Lisp arrays). The draw package can plot
directly Lisp arrays, therefore you don't need to use 'listarray'.

Since draw can't plot arrays of the first type, you have to transform
them into lists before plotting your data, that's why we have to use
'listarray'. Another alternative is to create the list of values via
'makelist', as in Jaime's example.


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